Non–Operative Treatment for Arthritis

This page describes alternatives to hip surgery and specifically non–operative treatment for hip arthritis.


An arthritic patient is initially treated conservatively (non-operatively). He or she may be asked to reduce any strenuous activities and limit their activities to walking or swimming only. Weight reduction through dieting may be required and in some cases a walking stick may be helpful to reduce hip discomfort.

Conventional remedies such as pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication are used for pain relief. A variety of diets and integrated care such as acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy and hypnotherapy may also be used to reduce symptoms.

With time non-operative treatment may become inadequate and the patient is then advised about proceeding with hip surgery.

Total hip arthroplasty or total hip replacement remains the cornerstone for treatment of arthritis of the hip joint and is regarded as one of the most revolutionary advances in modern medicine.

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