Webinar organised by the People's University, Bhopal, India in conjunction with a faculty of international hip surgeons to discuss and debate the 'get it right first time' (GIRFT) hip replacement methodology.

Countries and states throughout the world have been reeling under the pressures that the coronavirus pandemic has delivered. Elective surgery was postponed and many valuable seminars where new and updated skills and knowledge are imparted were cancelled. 

I was honoured to join the faculty of a webinar on 28 June 2020, organised by the People's University, Bhopal, India where an international team of experts in hip replacement provided an excellent educational event focussed on learning to plan, execute and operate to minimise complications and optimise outcomes in total hip replacement.  

The faculty included Professors Rajesh Malhotra and Harish Rao (India); Derek Bennett (Ireland); Mez Acharya, Professor David Beverland, Shiva Gopal, Verne Johnson, Evert Smith, Professor Johan Witt (UK); and Alok Bansal (Ukraine).

The conference theme was based around the methodology known as GIRFT - 'get it right first time'. This approach aims to improve and enhance the quality of care delivered in hip replacement and is endorsed by the British Orthopaedic Association following the successful roll out of the programme in the UK.

It was my privilege to present on the work of ODEP Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel which is concerned with monitoring the performance of joint implants and implementing NICE National Instiutute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines; and Beyond Compliance, a service directed at supporting the safe and stepwise introduction of new or modified implantable medical devices in the UK. 

The conference was well attended and a credit to the organisers.

More like this one please!


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