GOSICON COVID-19 Evolving Orthopaedic Practice


The Geriatric Orthopaedic Association of India (GOSICON) host’s an international video conference to debate Evolving Global Orthopaedic Practices Amidst CoViD 19 Pandemic & Beyond.

The Geriatric Orthopaedic Association of India’s (GOSICON) teatime video conference series has been a valuable resource throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest meeting, entitled ‘Evolving Global Orthopaedic Practices Amidst CoViD 19 Pandemic and Beyond’ was held to discuss the specific challenges faced by surgeons working in the orthopaedic sector. I joined the faculty as one of a group of international experts assembled by GOSICON.  We debated the regimes implemented to protect medical teams working in Covid-19 circumstance, as well as the effects and changes that will evolve in the way the surgical environment is managed in future.

The Covid-19 picture is one of an ever changing canvas, as more becomes known about this pernicious and indiscriminate virus.  

During lockdown, I have written an academic paper entitled: The Year of the Mask - Challenges in Orthopaedic Surgery, which is in the process of peer review. The paper discusses the evolution, global impact and trajectory of Covid-19, from the healthcare perspective. The paper highlights the value of the internet in the clinical setting where patients can receive on-line consultations, as well as focussing on the infection risk to surgical teams in the operating room scenario. Healthcare challenges moving forward present an immense burden to medical fraternities throughout the world.   

Keep in touch for future updates but ‘stay alert’ as we progress into the next phase of this harrowing virus.


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