What is RSS?

RSS enables you to have the latest information from your favourite sites delivered to you without you having to visit the websites themselves.

It is used by web sites like evertsmith.com and the BBC to publish aricle headlines and summaries in a simple form. RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication. See also RSS explanation in Wikipedia.

Using RSS Feeds

To use the RSS feed of a site you need to get the address (or URL). The simplest way to do this is by using your web browser. Below is a simple guide to using RSS feeds with Firefox and links to feed readers for you to use.

Once you’ve set up an RSS feed, the headlines from a web site will update automatically for you. You get the latest information from as many web sites as you choose to subscribe to.

Add RSS Feeds To Firefox Bookmarks

To use RSS with Firefox look for the RSS icon to the right of the in the address bar in Firefox 2: . The icon will only appear when you’re visiting web sites with an RSS feed.

  1. Click the icon. Then click the link that pops up to subscribe to the RSS feed in your bookmarks.
  2. The bookmarks dialogue will open. Choose where you wish to store the RSS feed bookmark.
  3. Go to the RSS feed in your bookmarks to see all the latest headlines for that feed. The headlines will update automatically for you. To view the article or information in full, click the bookmark link as you would any other link.

Browsers That Support RSS Feeds

RSS Feed Readers

Web–based services:
Mac OS X:
  • Straw (Free / For GNOME)