67th Congress of the SAOA


67th South African Orthopaedic Association Seminar covering all aspects of orthopaedics - Cape Town

While still in the grips of a global pandemic, medical science throughout the world remains resolute in its aspiration to constantly improve patient care. In this vein, the South African Orthopaedic Association drew together a host of international experts to share knowledge and experience in the many aspects of orthopaedics at this four day event. 

Prevailing travel restrictions made it impossible for me to return to Cape Town, where I was born and grew up. However, I was able to interact with my South African colleagues as a Faculty member for what was an instructional course of the highest quality.

I connected with the conference from Bristol and made three virtual presentations on Exposures to the Hip, Minimally Invasive Approaches in the Complex Primary Hip and The Acetabulum in DDH. The presentations were followed with debate on the topics under the spotlight in the sessions in which I appeared. 

It was a privilege and a pleasure to be part of this excellent event. 


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