Meet the Masters Round 3


Pushing the boundaries of specialist understanding in reconstructive hip and knee surgery.

A further opportunity  to ‘Meet the Masters’ in this, the 3rd Webinar of its kind, organised by the Sarathi Superspeciality Orthopaedic Centre in Bangalore. The Webinars seek to discuss the latest evidence based concepts in hip and knee surgery with a view to pushing the boundaries of specialist understanding in difficult reconstructive surgery of the hip and knee.

I stepped up to the podium (metaphorically speaking) with UK colleague, Professor Alister Hart of University College London. Professor Hart presented a talk on 3D Printing in Orthopaedics, while I gave the audience an overview of how orthopaedics has changed in the past 20 years. 

This was possibly the most successful of the new wave of Webinars that I have taken part in since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. More than 800 delegates remotely participated in the forum via OrthoTV and the presentations were made available on YouTube. The feedback has been excellent, with many senior surgeons in India wanting more talks of this kind. 

I find it a great a pleasure to be reviewed by my peers and look forward to the next Meet the Masters webinar.


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