Recovery & Rehabilitation

With the right treatment and appropriate exercise, a full recovery from hip surgery can be quicker than you might think.

Happy grandfather with his grandson on his shoulders

If you have an automatic vehicle and the surgery has been on your left hip you may be able to drive at three weeks after surgery. In all other circumstances you will be requested not to drive for six weeks.

Walking is good for your hip joint and excellent exercise. Non-impact sports are advisable and these include swimming, cycling and golf — if you enjoy golf then you could start with chipping and putting before returning to the full game. High velocity repetitive impact sports are detrimental to the longevity of the hip replacement. It is preferable to use spikeless shoes and to avoid the dangers of slipping or falling in wet weather. You should learn to play with bigger hip turns thus reducing the stress on the hip joint.

You can resume active sex at approximately six weeks but need to be observant about basic principles of positioning yourself.

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