VII International Course in Arthroplasties – Knowledge Update in Joint Replacement, Barcelona


16-19 November 2010 Directed by: Professors Enric Cáceres Palou and Antonio Navarro Quilis

16-19 November 2010

Directed by: Professors Enric Cáceres Palou and Antonio Navarro Quilis

My presentations:

Metal on ceramic friction couple

Big diameters: polyethylene and ceramic. New generations

Is there an effect on what we choose? ODEP (Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel)

Cementless shells. The Solution

Dealing with primary challenges. How to manage the complex hip

Squeaking ceramics hips: European experience

Femoral impaction grafting

New trends in acetabular revision prostheses

Jumbo cups: the work horse of acetabular revisions versus cup-cage

9 presentations must be something of a record – 14% of the entire hip meeting!

I also acted as co-moderator with Josep Novell on revision hip femoral components.

This was a big meeting – the ‘7th International Course in Arthroplasties’ – held at the Auditori Axa, in a most beautiful city.

The meeting was organised with careful preparation and precision and the co-organisers brought together a worldwide faculty with lashings of Spanish spices. Their generosity, enthusiasm and orthopaedic insight was obvious. One example was the careful analysis of cement in cement revisions by Antonio Murcia.

Jorge Galante and others represented the Americas, while the remainder of Europe was represented by Nikolaus Boehler, Piet Delport, Reinhold Ganz, Thorsten Gerhke, John Timperley, Ronan Treacy, James Richardson, Laurent Sedel, myself and others.

A ‘Knowledge Update in Joint Replacement’ meeting will continue to thrive as it is so well attended, but it is also a conduit of cutting edge information to the Spanish-speaking world. The 4 day meeting encompassed the hip and knee joint, from the biology through to revision surgery, supported by outcomes from Joint Registries and prospective research published in the orthopaedic journals.


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