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Contemporary Approaches in Total Hip Arthroplasty, Amsterdam

9-11 February 2011

International Hip Symposium


I chaired the session on ‘Pre-operative pathway’ and presented on 5 different subjects: The future of hip replacement over the next 30 years, 25 years of clinical heritage, The need for innovation (for Eric De Witte), The importance of cup angle and Helping the patient with DDH.

The delegates thoroughly enjoyed the crystal ball gazing; peeping into the future of surgery – evolution is rapid if you look back over the last 100 years!

The symposium reflected on Pathways in orthopaedic surgery. The pre-operative, intra-operative, post-operative pathways were discussed in detail to facilitate and advance patient care and wellbeing.

The current Issues in Total Hip Arthroplasty and Advances in Revision Hip Surgery were presented to the delegates. The Chairman, Dr Stephan Vehmeijer from Delft, maintained the pace of the meeting and was a gracious host.

Question time provided everyone attending the opportunity to evaluate the variation in practice, though it was almost unanimous that surgeons wished for an improvement in patient support within their hospital.

The most satisfying aspect of the symposium was the one to one interactions with colleagues in relation to technical problems in surgery of the hip.

Invited faculty:

  • Dr V Alt
  • Prof G Blunn
  • Dr N Capuano
  • Dr E De Witte
  • Dr G Flivik
  • Prof. G Grappiolo
  • Ms S Hanson
  • Dr S Jacobsen
  • Mr N Kalap
  • Dr B Kristensen
  • Prof. M Lisanti
  • Prof L Nordsletten
  • Dr P Pilot
  • Mr M Reed
  • Mr E Smith
  • Mr I Stockley
  • Dr M van Wyk
  • Mr V Vedi
  • Dr S Vehmeijer
  • Mr D Whitwell


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