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Exceed ABT 15° Face Changing Cup

The most recently developed hard on hard bearing surface.
An original design concept by Evert Smith.

Exceed ABT 15° Face Changing Cup

Exceed ABT 15° Face Changing Cup

The unique design modification of the "standard" hemispherical cementless cup to a 15° face changing cup, allows insertion of the cup at the appropriate angle (<45°) without compromising bone coverage in the patients acetabular socket.

The Exceed ABT system allows the surgeon to insert this cup in shallow acetabular sockets including dysplastic and low dislocation cases in Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH).

The convex outer surface shell has a closed porous plasma spray cover (and optional hydroxyapatite coating) to achieve osseointegration. The superior lip is not coated as this area is not required for fixation and does not usually make contact with host bone.

The inner concave surface is a morse taper fit for the hard bearing liner, either a ceramic (Biolox delta) or Cobalt Chrome metal alloy. The morse taper fit engages so as to seat the liner at a closed angle of 15° to the mouth of the porous shell but at the same time seats the liner parallel to the mouth created from the rim of superior lip.

Face Changing Cup

The placement of the acetabular cup during THA is vital because every deviation from the ideal position has a negative impact on hip loads, bearing surface wear and ultimately implant survival.

This acetabular implant should be a fundamental tool in complex hip arthroplasty. The design modifications of the Exceed ABT 15° face changing acetabular cup will alter the surgical strategy and treatment of secondary osteoarthritis in patients with shallow acetabular sockets in the future.


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