Arthroplasty for Arthritis Charity Re-launch 2013


May 2013 London

Arthroplasty for Arthritis Charity

Registered Charity No: 1051165

Lady Elizabeth Anson
Sir Peter Walters

Professor Louis Solomon


Arthroplasty for Arthritis Charity was established to provide funds for research into hip replacement. The primary emphasis for the Charity is the hip joint. However, it has recently been re-launched with an expanded agenda to include other joint replacements and trauma.

The main objectives of research into joint replacement are to:

  • Improve the quality of hip and other joint replacements.
  • Extend the longevity of these replacements.
  • Investigate causes of problems that may arise from current practice.
  • Educate those involved with joint replacement surgery.
  • Disseminate and present the findings of the research.

The redefining of Arthroplasty for Arthritis Charity was orchestrated by one of our Trustees, Dr Diana Pomeroy.

The brochure with our new vision and aspirations metamorphosed into its final design with stylish branding of the charity through the artistic work of Roger Proctor and team at Proctor & Stevenson (with special thanks to Katie for the design).

We were both privileged and honoured by Lady Elizabeth Anson, who so graciously hosted the event to launch the rebirth of the Charity. We were thrilled that many prestigious guests, who embraced the unique brand message ‘joint replacement treatment for arthritis’, supported the event. The evening was a tremendous success and our objective was achieved!

The future is taking shape.


We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all the Foundations, Trusts, as well as individuals who are supporting the Arthroplasty for Arthritis Charity.




Our thanks are also sent to Steven Randolph and his staff for their excellent service, along with the superb photographs kindly taken by Geoff Reardon.


(Photographs – © Geoff Reardon)


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