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  1. 20 Feb ’08Back To My Roots

    Leiden, 12 February 2008 A chance meeting with a friend and colleague, Iain Watt, Consultant Radiologist in Leiden, Netherlands, led to an invite from Professor Rob G H H Nelissen to visit the…

  1. 19 Dec ’07Budapest Revision Hip Symposium, November 2007

    The International Symposium On Revision Hip Arthroplasty – 28-30 November 2007 I was invited as a faculty member to speak at The International Symposium On Revision Hip Arthroplasty where I…

  1. 23 Nov ’07Bristol Hip Meeting

    'Brave New World' 8-9 November 2007 The annual Bristol Hip Meeting, sponsored by Stryker was held in the Clifton Pavilion at Bristol Zoo, perhaps a fitting place for orthopaedic surgeons…

  1. 24 Oct ’07Swedish Hip Meeting, September 2007

    Swedish Hip Meeting, September 2007 Bristol to Amsterdam. Amsterdam to Gotenberg. Gotenberg to Marstrand – then literally thrown into the deep end to race a yacht from Mastrand to…

  1. 21 Oct ’07Rugby World Cup 2007

    The Rugby World Cup 2007 has captured the imagination of more than just passionate rugby fans all over the world. The French have been superb hosts for this splendid tournament. What a start with…

  1. 18 Aug ’07Welcome to the Weblog!

    My website has been borne out of a desire to provide detailed information in a readily accessible format that meets the needs of the contemporary knowledge-seeking individual in the globalizing world…

  1. 17 Aug ’07Surgeon Turned Barrista!

    A light moment in a well–known sandwich chain store at 7:30am where it was demanded that I serve…


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