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Technology 2010, Hip Symposium, Stellenbosch, South Africa

15-16 October 2010


My presentations:

Review – Solutions for the Femur

Resurfacing Arthroplasty

A Stem That Works – Taperloc 25 Years

The Importance of Cup Angle


Ingrowth Technologies – Porous Metal


I landed in South Africa and was taxied to the Spier Estate. There was time to visit Uva Mira for two hours. The wine estate is set into the Helderberg mountains and overlooks the wine valley below – truly majestic. The faculty members hotly debated the wine at the tasting. Our overall winner was their gold medal wine, a Chardonnay, but we also thoroughly enjoyed the Lands End Sauvignon Blanc.

I chaired the Technology 2010 meeting while other members of the faculty chaired individual sessions.

The most significant comment came from Dick van der Jagt when he complimented Jodi Myers on the educational content of the meeting, while Ian Stockley acknowledged the enthusiasm of the trainee Registrars at the teaching session. The teachers Pierre Luc Fresard, Guido Grappiolo, Ian Stockley, Eric de Witte and I discussed the burning issues, and some misconceptions, with these orthopaedic surgeons of the future.

The meeting focused on technology – materials, implant design, bearings, new techniques, vitamin infused polyethylene and aspects relating to implant coatings. The faculty considered the excellence of hip implants that have been successful with high survival rates, the patient also being the beneficiary of astute clinical choice and skilled surgery.


  • Dr Hendrik Bosch
  • Dr Josip (Chuck) Cakic
  • Dr Eric De Witte
  • Dr Pierre-Luc Fresard
  • Prof Guido Grappiolo
  • Dr Mourad Hanna
  • Dr Keith Hosking
  • Dr Imran Khan
  • Dr Thane Munting
  • Mr Evert Smith
  • Dr Robert Stein
  • Prof Ian Stockley
  • Dr Dick van der Jagt
  • Dr Robert van der Plank
  • Dr Mattys van Wyk
  • Mr Wikas Vedi
  • Dr Pieter Wessels
  • Prof Burkhard Wippermann


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