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Welcome to the Weblog!

My website has been borne out of a desire to provide detailed information in a readily accessible format that meets the needs of the contemporary knowledge-seeking individual in the globalizing world of the 21st Century.

Evert Smith

The World Wide Web has been a major factor in making information available to many people. My site has been designed in an artistic manner, whilst at the same time aiming to be in a format that is easy to navigate for all internet trawlers. In a world where information and pictures are almost instant and intercontinental distance is shortened; a significant proportion of the patient’s interaction with me can be done via this portal.

My reason for starting this website in December 2006 stems from an appetite to share my passion, insights and knowledge with readers and patients. My site is intended to provide a background to hip arthroplasty in a transparent manner and to give existing and new information on treatment options, innovations and research. I will endeavour to provide regular weblogs to allow insight into my activities and to enable patients to be interactive.

In the final analysis, as your surgeon it is my individual experience and expertise that will make the difference to the surgical outcome.


  1. Jon said:

    All the very best for the site, and the great content to come, Evert!

    Posted on 20th Aug ’07 at 09:36 BST. Link

  2. Jon Gibbins said:

    Enjoy your site, Evert!

    Posted on 21st Aug ’07 at 13:31 BST. Link

  3. DC said:

    Great start Mr Smith. I will be back!

    Posted on 25th Aug ’07 at 21:10 BST. Link

  4. James said:

    Fantastic site, Dr. Smith.

    Posted on 24th Sep ’07 at 08:52 BST. Link

  5. Bob Durgin said:

    I love the website, Evert!

    Posted on 26th Sep ’07 at 13:18 BST. Link

  6. SW said:

    Fantastic website. Streets ahead of the rest worldwide. Worth all the hard work!

    Posted on 6th Nov ’07 at 22:37 GMT. Link

  7. Julia Eastlake said:

    This web site is excellent; the best I have found on any joint, and, having rheumatoid arthritis, I am interested in all joints.

    The site is clearly laid out and has as much detail as any non medical person could possibly want. I hope it serves as a model for other orthopaedic consultants.

    Posted on 11th Nov ’07 at 10:24 GMT. Link

  8. Cindy Tyrrell said:

    As a Physiotherapist working with hip replacement patients, I was impressed with the detailed information and accessibility of this excellent web site. Congratulations Mr Smith .

    Posted on 2nd Feb ’09 at 17:13 GMT. Link

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